As you've seen in the side bar, my name is Raechel and probably like most of ya'll, I'm a self-proclaimed beauty junkie finally utilizing the blogging community as an outlet for my obsession. I'm 21 years old and currently pursuing a degree in medicine and neuroscience. I'm also a gamer, a bit of a fool for the outdoors, and will research just about anything just for fun. I'm from an incredibly small farm town in the Midwest and am lucky enough to currently be experiencing life in a booming city as a student. 

I started diving into the beauty industry about five years ago when my life took a crazy turn. I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare blood disorder, known mostly as thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura, or TTP. Since diagnoses until this current date, I've undergone (too many) chemotherapy treatments and strive to continue to raise awareness for this rare disorder (like 1 in 1.5 million rare... I know, talk about lucky, right?!). These crazy events are what sparked my love for makeup and the beauty industry as a whole. The time I spent in the hospital I found myself researching, learning, and watching the artistry, passion, and love that so many gurus and artists put into this art... so there began my obsession.

The name of this blog is inspired heavily by these events and what I've learned over the last few years, and while I don't want to make this excessively cheesy, there's a true deep rooted belief in that inspiration. Some of the darkest times that I've experienced as someone who has spent the better half of the last five years in a pediatric oncology unit has allowed me to see the good, the bad, and the beauty. The best part of that is that it wasn't just self awareness in finding my own glow; there was so much beauty in talking with others in the same situation as me, and especially those that are not, about the silver lining of what we're experiencing. So with that, through the beauty community, I hope that this blog adds a little bit of happiness to your day (mixed with our mutual obsession). Above all, I hope it helps remind you that your love for all things beauty and one-of-a-kind style, your inner glow stemmed from your unique you, your best you, is what truly makes you ra(e)diate... especially with that new bomb highlighter on.

My goal in creating this blog was to be a heavily informative resource for all the beauty junkies and glow-getters out there. From Raediance, you will find:

☀ Personally opinionated reviews from my experiences, which will not be sponsored or exemplify affiliation in any way unless clearly stated. All reviews are my own experiences, how they worked for me, and are unique to me. Which, in turn, means they may not perform the same way for you based on your glow-getting needs. As a student, I'm very conscientious of price points and knowing exactly what I'm paying for down to the dollar. With that, many if not all reviews will provide you with price breakdowns and relevant comparisons in order to inform you of the product's place on the pricing spectrum. My reviews will cover an expansive range of products, both in their use and price point. 

☀ Up-to-date news of what is happening in the beauty industry, AKA: The Beauty Calendar. This blog, in addition to my Instagram and Twitter feeds, are going to provide the most current news about any new drops, updates, information, or anything else that will pertain to something ya'll may want to know about. These will include both known and upcoming brands that I have personally experienced and used products from.

☀ Miscellaneous beauty reads that I personally have written myself or links to other informational posts that are credited and belong to other bloggers in our community. A few examples of my personal posts will include wish lists, hauls, anti-hauls, reveals, and tons of other topics that I hope will be beneficial to you. 

☀ As a busy student, keeping my beauty routine flexible is a must. With that, I will be including many tips, tricks, routines, and more about fitting beauty into my life. Additionally, there will be lifestyle, health, and mental wellness reads at least every 2 weeks.


In general, I am very fair skinned (see my common and go-to face products below). Depending on the formula, I can work with most cool/pink toned and neutral toned foundations. See my post about determining your skin's undertones for a better idea of determining yours. 


My skin type fluctuates based on the season and weather. During the colder months where average temperatures are below freezing, I have clinically dry skin and use a range of products to combat that. With that comes dry patches, tightness, fine lines, and flaking. During the warmer months, I experience a combination of clinically dry and slightly oily. I still experience dry patches on my forehead and chin with some tightness. Additionally, I experience excessive oiliness on my nose and infraorbital region. Lastly, I have moderately sensitive skin and experience reactions to heavily perfumed products and some lower-budget cleansers/moisturizers such as CVS/generic drugstore brands.


I have slate blue eyes, which is a very cool toned blue. Depending on makeup and what I'm wearing, the deepness of the blue reflection changes. I have average sized eyes and rarely use false lashes. My eyelashes are relatively long but I often stick to volumizing mascara, many of which will have reviews coming soon. 


I have medium length naturally cool-toned ashy blonde hair that I highlight with chemical and/or color treatments so that it's more icy and platinum. Without management, I experience dry ends and oily roots. My hair is naturally straight, so I use a limited number of heat tools to prevent damage but also invest in heat protection products. I rotate my hair care products based on needs and have a relatively thorough routine.


Due to several medications and treatments, I have gained quite a bit of excess weight in an extremely short amount of time which has caused me to acquire stretch marks in many places. Additionally, my skin is naturally dry and has become more of an issue with some medications. Although I am a bigger woman, I do strive to eat healthy to prevent acne issues or any further skin concerns. You will see quite a few reviews and personal opinions of products that cater to these concerns in the body care section.