July 2, 2017

Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition Take Me On Vacation Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

As Kylie's largest collection yet (see my post on the reveal here), so many beauty junkies were ecstatic to see the new and exclusive products for the Vacation Edition. One of the most anticipated and second to sell out items was Take Me On Vacation, a 16 pan eyeshadow palette that Kylie claimed had a new and improved formula from her previous releases. To read all about my thoughts on whether or not this is glow-getter approved, including formula thoughts, pricing comps, and the wear test, keep on reading!



PRODUCT SIZE: 16 X 0.02 oz (0.36 oz)
AVAILABLE AT: exclusive to Kylie Cosmetics' website

According to Kylie Cosmetics' website...
"Each Kyshadow Vacation Edition palette comes with 16 pressed powder shadows that can be used together to recreate Kylie's favorite looks or recreate your own. These shadows have medium buildable coverage and a velvety smooth texture."





The external packaging followed the same color scheme as the rest of the collection with beige, tan, and gold features. The palette came in a unicarton with the name of the palette on the front with the size information (net weight of 16 X 0.02 oz / 16 X 0.7g). On the back of the external packaging, you will find all of the ingredient information, the names of the shades in the palette, the copyright, and that this product was made in the USA. The only slightly flagged ingredient that is listed under the "May Contain" section that can cause any sort of irritation is an ingredient called bismuth oxychloride. Some may experience issues with because of its' unique crystalline structure that can irritate pores and due to the sharper structure of the powder. You can read more about it here


The internal packaging, or the palette itself, follows the same color scheme but doesn't have the came features that the external cartoon does. However, it does feature beautiful reflective gold writing on the front. The back includes the names of the shades (which will be listed below) and more about the copyright information that was found on the back of the external carton.

   Personally, I think this packaging is the most well-made and versatile palette that Kylie has done to date. The internal packaging includes a huge mirror (which we did see in the Royal Peach palette but it didn't take up as much space on the lid), and the square pans allow for more shades in a standard palette. Additionally, the centrally nude beige design with golden polka dots really add a gorgeous look to the inside of this palette and truly give it that extra kick. While the palette is made out of cardboard like most of her other products, this has a heavy, luxurious weight to it.


This was my first experience with one of Kylie's brushes as I never ordered the Royal Peach palette, so I was looking forward to trying it. I'm not going to touch on it much because it honestly wasn't anything special - actually, it was far from it - but if you buy the palette you're going to get it no matter what. Don't get me wrong, I love that it was redesigned especially for this palette to match the gold and light tan, but this dual-ended brush really did not do it for me. The fluffy blending end had very rough bristles and did not blend out the product like my normal Sigma E35, Zoeva 228, or even Sigma E40. The other side also has pretty rough bristles, even for a packing brush, and didn't pick up nearly as much product as I would have liked. Both sides of the brush are synthetic. See the comparisons below:



As you can see, the Zoeva and Sigma brushes even look softer in the pictures. If you have the ability to use other brushes, I would most definitely recommend it. If not, these will get the job done; you just have to work with them a little more.

Now, onto what we've all been waiting for... SWATCHES, baby! As I said before, this palette includes 16 shades ranging from matte soft lavenders to olive green metallic pewters.

TOP ROW (from top to bottom in photo / right to left in palette):

Palm Tree - deep matte chocolate brown

Aloha - matte pastel peach

Sail Away - metallic deep gold

Island Girl - bright metallic teal

Starfish - soft matte papaya

Pina Colada - matte true yellow

Summer '17 - metallic peachy gold

First Class - matte pastel lavender

BOTTOM ROW (from top to bottom in picture, left to right in palette):

Surf Board - metallic sea green

Luxury - metallic ruby bronze

Spray Tan - soft milk chocolate brown

Sunset - satin red copper

On The Rocks - matte grey lavender

Paradise - metallic copper gold

Coconut - warm matte taupe

Sea Breeze - matte soft sand

As you can see from the shade descriptions, there is a great variety of mattes and metallics to choose from. They swatched relatively well, where I did three circular motions in the pan and three back and forth motions on my arm. These are described on the website as "medium buildable coverage with a velvety smooth texture", which was an accurate claim.

When applying these with my normal brushes, they blended out very well and stayed true to the claim of being medium coverage. In this looks, my lids were primed with MAC Painterly Paint Pot and Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original). With the deep mattes, they had great color payoff, but I appreciate that they were not so crazy pigmented that they were unbendable as soon as they touched the skin, so I didn't mind putting a little extra work to get them looking seamless. In the pictures, I used Aloha and Sea Breeze as transition shades, Luxury in my outer corner and deepened it with Palm Tree, then used Summer '17 all over my lid. In my lower lash line, I used Luxury on the outer half and Paradise on the inner half for a soft smoky look.

My experience with the mattes were surprisingly great and were better than the matte shades I've used in previous Kylie palettes. They blended out very well, were not chalky and had a velvety feel, plus I did not experience a lot of kickback and very minimal fallout.

The shimmer and metallic shades, on the other hand, were a bit more work than I had hoped for but definitely produced a beautiful result in the end. I'm going to bold this because I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression: you must use a wet brush to get an intense color payoff with the metallic and shimmer shadows... and that's okay simply because nobody had claimed that these were the most pigmented, buttery metallic formulas on the market. All you need is a little Fix+, or any other spray with glycerin - hell, even some water works - to have an intense payoff. The pros of doing this are that the kickback with these shadows is virtually non-existent and fallout is very minimal, plus these do not have chunky glitter so that helps reduce fallout and application issues. Also, if you don't want a blinding metallic lid on any given day, then this palette gives you that option considering it has a whole range of colors for dozens of different looks to choose from. However, if you want some intense pigmentation on a dry brush and you don't want to go through the hassle, then maybe the shimmers in this palette aren't for you. Personally, I appreciate the versatility and ability to customize these shades based on the buildable nature of these formulas.



I really put this (and a few other products from this collection) to the test. I had a 14 hour day, mostly outside, for a family party in 90 degree humid weather. This eyeshadow did not crease (granted, I did double up on shadow primers) and I didn't experience any fading whatsoever. 

TIP: Creamy bases are great for shadows with formulas that are a bit on the drier side or provide a "sticky base" for shimmer shadows such as this palette, so MAC's Paint Pot or similar consistency primers to help with blendability and glittery formulas. 

The packaging is very unique to Kylie's line and is like nothing she's done before, which is something that should come along with a limited edition collection such as this one. I love, love, love the packaging of this product - nude shades are always what I gravitate towards. It feels sturdy, heavy, and is super cute for a summertime feel.

As I said above, the mattes had a great formula and just the right amount of pigmentation that it was buildable but not too much work to get the desired intensity. There is a gorgeous range of matte shades in this palette that allow for many different looks to be created, either with or without shimmery shades, that range from pastel and cool to warm and dark colors. They were velvety when swatches, not chalky or overly dry, plus gave me very few issues with fallout.

The shimmery and metallics mostly had very refined glitter and most of them swayed more toward the metallic end of the spectrum as opposed to being glittery. The only shades that I experienced a glittery look with was Surf Board (a metallic sea green) as it has silver and gold glitter and Island Girl (bright metallic teal) with relatively larger silver glitter. As I said above (in bold), these shades will provide you with the most intense color payoff when you wet your brush with however method you believe works best for you. I do not recommend applying these with your fingers as much as I recommend using a wet brush, but it is still an option that's better than using a dry brush. Personally, I do not have a huge problem with this because 1.) I normally wet my brush with any shimmery or metallic shade from any palette if I want a very intense payoff, and 2.) I like the customizability of these shades. If I don't want an heavy metallic lid but still need a little bit of subtle glow, this palette provides me with that option without forcing to be feather handed to get my desired look. Overall, with a wet brush, I experienced very minimal fallout, virtually no kickback, and a very smooth application. With a dry brush, there was more fallout but still very little because I was not trying to pack my brush with pigment but rather build it up after a two or three swipes into the pan.



In general, this palette was more expensive than comparable palettes and more than twice as expensive as Kylie's other most recent palette release (Royal Peach palette). The closest price comparison was Modern Renaissance, a cult favorite, that was still $1.25 cheaper per 0.1 oz of product.



Well, it has a subtle glow. This palette has some draw backs and quirks, the price being the biggest of them. The shades were versatile to provide many different looks, had blendable formulas (especially the mattes), and provided the ability to customize shade intensity, but that just doesn't work for everyone. When I'm on the go, I'd reach for this palette for a soft every day look but definitely not when I'm going for a glam full beat unless. My biggest issue with this palette is the price; for $52 USD, you're not getting the same overall quality as ABH or even Urban Decay shadows. One of the biggest selling points when Kylie began this line was her lower price point than more luxurious brands (just look at the jump in price from the Royal Peach palette to TMOV). I'm not saying that this is a relatively "cheap" brand, but it offered reasonable prices for good quality products. However, that expectation just didn't follow through with this palette and that has definitely put a dim on this product's glow. If you're a Kylie fan, I'm sure you've purchased this palette just like I did, but if you're on the fence with the price... well, I personally don't think that it's 100% worth what you're paying for. I love the shades (you know I'm always down for cool toned browns and nudes with pops of color) and what it has to offer otherwise, but not for $3.25 per 0.02 oz pan. If you're looking for some dupes, check out the photo below provided by DupeThat on Instagram:



Alright glow-getters, that's it for this review! I would love to hear your comments about your experiences with this palette, whether or not you think it's worth the hype, or even just what your plans are for the 4th of July if you'll be celebrating it. Thanks for reading!


  1. I NEED to get my hands on this palette! The swatches look really promising!
    Have a lovely day!

    xx Kris

    1. Hopefully there will be another restock coming soon! I still haven't gotten my hands on The Wet Set, so I'm hoping for one, too! XO

  2. This is a great in-depth review! For such an expensive palette I'm not too impressed, and the packaging is a bit tacky for my tastes. Plus "kyshadow" just makes me cringe...

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

    1. Thank you; I appreciate the feedback! I agree, for the price point it just isn't the kind of quality I would expect so hopefully the next one will be improved and not overly priced. XO

  3. SUCH a fab review, thanks so much for going so in depth. I really love the packaging and the selection of shades but I think for that price and effort I'd expect shadows which are a bit easier to use! Still sounds like its worth having in your collection though!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Thank you! I agree - it looks really gorgeous but it just doesn't perform like other $52 (or even cheaper) palettes that I've used. The color palettes are unique, so it's a good addition for collectors, but for anyone who is working with a budget or beginners, it really just isn't worth the struggle of trying to purchase it. Thanks for the comment!