June 12, 2017

6 Tips, Tricks, and Products to Keep You Matte All Summer Long

Although I have consistently dry skin, I experience a ton of oil overproduction in the summer due to the heat (of course) and because my face has an issue maintaining its' moisture barrier. I experience it mostly on my T-zone (my nose and chin are the biggest victims), so trying to maintain that throughout the summer heat can be a tedious process. With that, I've narrowed down 6 tips and tricks using some of my most trusted products in both skin care and makeup to keep me looking matte and glam in the summer heat.

First comes first: skin care. I don't care what kind of foundation you have on or how mattifying it claims to be; if you don't help your skin maintain a healthy balance, it is going to be incredibly difficult to maintain oiliness.

☀ PRODUCT 1: boscia Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-off Treatment, $38 USD

Being someone with combination skin in the warmer months, one of the most important things I've found that helps me is making sure that I find products that do not strip me of my natural oils. Rather, I look for products formulated for combination skin so as to not make the dryness any worse, and therefore preventing my body from kicking my oil production into overdrive.

This product has helped balance my skin immeasurably and I had noticed a decrease in oil issues within just two uses... and now I'm on my second container. This product claims that it "refines pores and lifts away clogging impurities and excess oil, without leaving skin feeling dry, irritated, or stripped." It contains both white and black charcoal to provide that necessary hydration while absorbing our skins impurities.

TIP: I recommend using this at least 2 to 3 times a week, especially after sweaty/hot days during your nightly skin care routine or in the morning for a deep cleanse from the night before.

PRODUCT 2: OLEHENRIKSEN Counter Balance Mattifying Moisture Crème, $40 USD

Some often tend to think that in order to control oily skin, they don't moisturize or they don't moisturize properly by over-treating. This product contains several incredibly beneficial products to help control oil balance by including oat flour (mattifies and absorbs oil), sodium PCA (hydrant), and aloe vera for balance and calming. Because I experience combination skin, this is something I isolate to only my oily problem areas (T-zone) while using OLEHENRIKSEN's Sheer Tranformation in drier areas.

I use this during my morning/before makeup application only. Counter Balance can be used both morning and night, but it is very lightweight and I prefer to use other skincare products for my PM routine that are more "heavy duty". 

PRODUCT 3: Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray, $31 USD

Vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine) serves as not only a natural vitamin that works to control and prevent acne by maintaining the sebum production on our skin. Sebum is basically what we call our skin's "oil", and the overproduction of it is the cause of oily skin in the simplest terms. Introducing B6 to our skin with this spray helps to balance the oil/sebum production, and let me tell you I use this every single day. 

While B6 has a ton of oil control benefits, this spray has hydrating and redness reducing benefits as well. Basically, this spray is jam packed full of great vitamins, antioxidants, and willow bark. Usually this is something I apply after my morning skin care routine and before beginning any makeup application (including primer).

TRICK: If you're able to, I like to carry a travel size version of this in my bag to use throughout the day. If I'm outside a lot for work, this is extremely refreshing and I've noticed it has definitely helped control oil on my nose without affecting my makeup. If you don't want to purchase the travel size, I've bought travel-size empty bottles from the drugstore, dumped some in there, then used that when I would run out. The sprayer isn't as great but in a pinch, it works great.

Next, of course, is what makeup and setters I've found that has lived up to the trials and tribulations of that glow-ruining sebum I mentioned earlier on.

☀ PRODUCT 4: Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, $35 USD

First of all, I'm going to warn you. This stuff is for our FCQs (full coverage queens) out there being glam. This foundation formula is incredibly pigmented, but also very thick and requires a very fine milled powder to set it. It has 21% pigment - which is a lot - and contains mattifying powders for a full matte finish, plus is formulated with several emollients and transfer proof ingredients. Secondly, I guarantee you this foundation line will have a shade that matches your skin as it features 30 different shades in all undertones. Lastly, in my experiences, the 24-hour wear claim made by KVD have held true for me every single time. I have left my house at 6AM, not come home until 3AM and while my mascara was ringed around under my eyes, I had no splitting on or by my nose or chin (this was a miracle, let me tell you). Additionally, as long as I set it properly, I had no problems with it settling into any of my dry patches. I truly recommend this for anyone with oily or combination skin who needs a full coverage foundation. Truthfully, this entire line is great and seems well-catered to us glow-getters with this skin type.

TIP: the key to a foundation that is so thick and full coverage as this is, like I said above, is what you pair with it. I recommend NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer (lightweight) or KVD's Lock-it Featherweight Primer (designed for long-wear foundations). Also, setting this properly is a must, so the next product I mention or KVD's Lock-it Blotting Powder is great for setting or on-the-go touch ups.

PRODUCT 5: Cover FX Matte Setting Powder, $35 USD

I'm going to be completely honest, this was a product purchased from the hype on YouTube... but girl, I am glad I did it. This is a super fine milled setting powder (available in three shades) that I use to set/bake my under eyes and entire T-zone with and it has helped control shine tremendously. Formulated with kaolin clay and oil-absorbing microspheres, it is made specifically for oil absorption and improving appearance of pores. It has set some of the most heavy duty (AKA KVD's Lock-It) to lightweight formula foundations beautifully matte without making me look cakey. Additionally it is cruelty, talc, paraben, gluten, mineral oil and fragrance-free. 

TIP: Bake with this product with a damp beautyblender or use it all over your face with a large fluffy brush for an overall airbrushed finished. A little bit of this product has gone a long way for me, so to avoid cakeyness, do not apply heavily.

PRODUCT 6: Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray, $31 USD

Normally, I'm not okay with talking about the same brand's products multiple times in a post like this, but there is no other setting spray for oily skin like this one. A lot of people are a fan of Urban Decay's De-Slick Setting Spray and if that works for them, then stick with it. But here's why it doesn't work for me: not only is it not fragrance free, but it is not alcohol-free. Alcohol is one of the worst ingredients for your skin in regards to hydration balance and anti-aging properties. The mattifying setting spray from Cover FX, however, is alcohol-free, talc-free, and clinically tested. 

It has a great applicator that provides a super fine and even misting with a very lightweight and non-tacky formula. The ONLY thing about this is that it does not make my makeup transfer proof in my experience, so I'm a bit more aware of that throughout the day. Paired with other oil/shine control products, this was the best setting spray I've come across for this concern. 

TRICK: Sometimes on days where I'm super oily or I need some heavy duty protection, I will apply this twice when I'm getting ready: once after I use primer specifically in my T-zone only, then again BEFORE I use highlighter because it is such a lightweight formula. I do NOT recommend setting your face with this product after highlighting (for obvious reasons), so be weary of that. 


I would love to hear about what ya'll use to keep your shine under control during these summer days, so leave your favorite products in the comments below! Also, don't forget to enter my kickstarter giveaway for a $100 Sephora e-gift card (ends June 20th at 12AM).