May 30, 2017

Unleashing the Glow... Finally

It's a crazy thought that I am finally putting my obsession and love into a community that shares them. Before I get into that, I'd first like thank ya'll for visiting my (pretty empty) blog for the first time. There's a little bit about me in the sidebar, but for this first post I want to share a few things about the inspiration for this blog... and why I decided to spell radiance incorrectly. My name is Raechel, and I'm a 21-year-old Ohio State University student pushing her way into the competitive field of medicine. I think it's fair to consider myself a glow-getter, more specifically defined as:

A busy, driven gal who continuously strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow, both inside and out.
We use "glow" to talk about the bomb ass highlighter we finally got our hands on that makes us blind everyone within a 10 foot proximity, or to describe how radiant our face (finally) looks with the 100th toner we put to the test. However, we often look past the glow that radiates onto other people from our glow-getting personalities and the beauty we ALL embody in our unique way. We are kick ass men and women who work to empower each other, especially in the beauty community that exemplifies the true duality of what the definition of beauty is. So there grew the inspiration for this blog's core piece: the acknowledgment that there is a blinding glow in all of us stemming from our strength, confidence, insecurity, kindness, and wisdom.

Now that my inspiration is out there, let's get to the root of what Raediance is all about: beauty. Not only will this blog revolve around the beauty industry including makeup, skin care, and hair care, but also lifestyle and community shared posts. I have an obsession with all things beauty, and I'm sure most of ya'll reading this do too, so why the heck shouldn't we benefit from that?! I will be implementing a detailed review system of new and existing products, posts about products and thoughts about upcoming releases, dupes, sales and brand updates; anything you can imagine will be included here in a huge obsession-filled blog. Additionally, mental health and wellness, lifestyle, and other bits of news will definitely make their way onto here from time to time.

Since I'm new to the online/blogging beauty community, please give me any tips or pointers that you might have for me! Again, thank you so much for giving this a look and I hope to see you back in the future!